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Annual Reports


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Annual Report Development Overview

An annual report will typically take from two to four months to produce. Its cost will be dependent on a number of factors including page count, quantity, the articulation of a company’s specific story and CEO’s vision, its industry and anticipated audience. The first step is a kick-off meeting to establish a realistic timeline of milestones; discussion of all potential costs and expenses; deliverables and responsibilities (i.e., writing, photography, illustration, printing); and a synopsis of the company’s fiscal year.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, the next step is in-depth and detailed research the company and its industry. This will include analyzing the company’s website, collateral materials, previous annual reports and peer group. We will strategically develop unique concepts including cover and spread designs, photography suggestions and content layout based on the project parameters outlined in the kick-off meeting.

Upon selection and further refinement of the creative concept, Pite Creative will then present a fully paginated comprehensive layout (comp) including placeholders for all visuals (photography, charts, tables, callouts, etc.) and a paper dummy.

The following milestones will then be met, as appropriate: design and layout revisions; photography and art direction; printer selection; transfer agent coordination including mail date and street counts; desktop publishing; proxy coordination; proofreading and quality control. Most of this is usually accomplished electronically via email and the internet. As the design portion of the project nears completion, blue-lines & color-keys will be generated by the printer for final approval and sign-off prior to printing and delivery of the annual reports.

It is at this stage that GMN Web Solutions begins developing an interactive online version derivative of the printed annual report. Depending on the project parameters, this may be as simple as an interactive PDF for the company’s website and email dissemination to a full-fledged micro site with enhanced non material information links and search/print/download capability.

Our project management expertise includes monitoring the production of the annual report to ensure that it is both on time and on budget, with a keen eye on potential delays and changes that might affect its delivery or cost. In addition to our creative benchmark, we are extremely service-oriented with exceptionally high standards of quality control. This has contributed to the success of GMN Web Solutions as an industry-recognized leader in the design and production of annual reports and has kept our clients returning, year after year.