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Exposure Compensation?

What is Exposure Compensation?? Well its a feature in your DSLR camera that you definitely should make good use of! Exposure Compensation simply allows you to adjust the camera’s exposure around the default reading that the meter on your camera is currently...

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White Balance

Capture the perfect scene with the perfect colors by using custom white balance settings.   What is White  balance? Every light produces a certain color temperature. Daylight is completely different to a fluorescent strip light, and a tungsten light is different...

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Focusing Options

Different shooting scenarios require different focus modes. Let us now take a look at your options.   1) One Shot Mode One Shot Mode is best used when shooting subjects that are stationary, such as, still lifes, landscapes and architecture. Essentially, if it...

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Live View mode!

Here are some of the things you should and shouldn’t do when in Live View mode The Live View mode generally allows you to compose better pictures in certain shooting scenarios than others. Today we’ll be covering the do’s and dont’s when...

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Reduce that Camera Shake!

Here are 5 methods that you can easily do to reduce the amount of camera shake!   1) Increase you shutter speed and get a tripod Your camera exposes an image when a photo is taken by allowing light to hit the light sensor in your camera for a set amount of time....

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Photography 101 – ISO

What is ISO? ISO speed is the number that determines how sensitive your camera is to light. ISO settings can range anywhere from a measly 24 to whopping 6,400 (or even higher in higher end cameras), these numbers have a direct relationship with the device’s...

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Photography 101 – Shutter Speed

Camera Shutter? What’s that? Well, the camera shutter is a curtain that is located at the front of your camera’s sensor, this curtain will remain closed until the shutter release button is pressed and the camera fires. During the process of firing, the...

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Photography 101 – Aperture

What is Aperture? Well basically aperture is the opening in your lens that determines the amount of light entering the digital sensor or film of your camera. F-stop is the ratio between the focal length of the lens, divided by the diameter of the opening of the lens....

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