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Brand Identity


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“Your logo, business card, or website is not your brand identity. It is the way all of these items, and others, work together to give your company a unique identity.”

A brand identity is the foundation of a brand whereby the other supporting branding components will be based on. Creating a brand identity begins with designing a logo that is not only timeless, memorable but also evokes emotion. The next step is to begin establishing brand recognition by determining the colours, fonts, graphics and all the essential components. On top of that, we will create materials like brand books/style guides/brand guidelines which help ensure that a consistent brand image is carried through to your audience.

Brand Management

Keeping your brand’s image, personality, and reputation in good standing takes time, discernment, and attention. As you focus on the day-to-day tasks of running a successful business, it’s easy to forget about branding and marketing. It takes quality time and effort to keep your brand’s image, identity and reputation in good standing. It is easy to forget about marketing your brand as you focus on the day-to-day tasks of running a successful business.  Before you know it, your brand looks nothing like it did initially. GMN Web Solutions has the expertise and capabilities to help you manage your entire brand and marketing plan, all while keeping your message strong and consistent.