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Concept & Brand Development


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“Comprehensive document outlining the guest experience, attitude and unique identity of the project.”

Based on our extensive consumer research and comprehensive study of the current global and local F&B / hospitality industry, we will be able to define an optimal positioning strategy for the project.

The concept and brand development document will further elaborate on the opportunities available and provide a distinct concept and brand definition that serves as the foundation for other areas such as interior design, architecture, marketing collaterals and operations.

The document will convey the expected guest experience, attitude and unique identity of this project. In addition, we will also include technical considerations required for the concept to be operational functional.

Concept Development | Scope and Deliverables

Strategy and Positioning

  • Definition of brand model including mission, vision, signature touch-points and brand attributes

Concept Document

  • Restaurant’s or hotel’s ‘story’, defining the 360-degree guest experience and solidifying the brand as a destination for the targeted guest mix
  • How the business in a given market will be unique and attractive to its target market
  • How the ambience, services and marketing collaterals will communicate the experience, attitude and unique identity of the brand
  • Outline of the look and feel for key areas


  • Recommendations for brand language, style guide and brand story, that will be used across all online and offline communications, both internal and external

Macro Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic marketing plan highlighting key activities
  • Identification of both internal and external marketing strategies and tactics
  • Recommendations for the sales and marketing team with regards to creating programmes and marketing strategies

Naming/Logo/Collateral Recommendations

  • Development of a brand platform (from the brand strategy), forming a true representation of the company
  • Establishment of brand names and design direction for logo and collateral