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Digital Communications


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We integrate digital and social media outreach into all our work, either by managing our clients’ digital channels for them or by content development activity for our clients’ in-house teams. Whether you need digital communications in your day-to-day press office activity or to support a larger campaign, GMN Web Solutions calls the tune online.

Online PR

Online media has opened up the world to a plethora of influencers. We carefully source, select and partner with them on your behalf in order to outreach to your target audiences through their allegiance of loyal followers. This in turn creates positive engagement with your brand.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media superbrands are the portals through which you can untap new markets.

We’ll devise and implement campaign ideas, manage your messages and social media channels, build a loyal and engaged following, and ensure you get a massive response.


PR plays a significant role in online content creation with search engine-optimised news releases helping to build invaluable links to your website. We can help you ensure you use effective key words in your communications to ensure your brand is pushed up the ‘search term’ ladder.

Viral Campaigns

A single editorial story, image or video can capture the imagination of tens of thousands of people on the web. A combination of clever PR activity to promote the campaign, and use of material that captures the imagination of your target audience will ensure you go ‘viral’.

Tracking & Monitoring

Everything we have spoken about is all well and good, but you need to know your investment is generating positive results. We’ll regularly track, evaluate and report on progress to show transparently how your digital campaign is creating maximum ROI.