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  • Robust, easy-to-use ecommerce system
  • Stable, scalable ecommerce hosting
  • Conveniently ship orders and collect payments
Nowadays, Internet plays an important role in terms of business profitability and will continue to do so in future with technological advancements.Businesses that have thrived in the past without internet now find that they have to keep up with the trend or face being left behind. Whether you are selling clothes, or food, it is important to have an internet presence in order to make it more efficient and convenient for your customers to purchase your goods. Here at GMN Web Solutions, we coordinate, direct, design and integrate your business’ ecommerce shopping cart, services, payment gateways in order to facilitate business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions.

Why Sell Online?

Instead of a brick and mortar shop, an online store only requires a fraction of the cost but it can generate more sales than you have ever imagined. All you need is a computer and your business is ready to go. It can be a one-man operation, and the flexibility of the technology allows users to work anywhere and at any time. More importantly, your competitors already have an online presence, so don’t lose out and expose your business to an audience you had never imagine.

  • Exclusive web design for that refreshing, unique online shopping experience
  • Cutting edge Shopping Cart – Online Store/Shop – engine to streamline operations
  • An affordable and low-cost Ecommerce solution
  • Complete customization to meet business needs

To be successful with Internet Ecommerce, the most basic thing you need to communicate with your customers, promote your product catalogues and handle business transactions is to have a website. Our web design and development team offers a complete solution for companies seeking to build and establish a professional and effective retail presence on the web. Our Shopping Cart system can be used for all businesses whether you are selling clothes, food or even music. Fashion-Avenue-ScreenRegardless of what you are selling, be assured that our websites can be customized to your business needs. We have successfully implemented many e-commerce projects with exclusive aesthetic presentation and highly functional features. More importantly, we also provides technical support to ensure that all functions of the website runs smoothly according to your business. In addition, we coach our clients how to manage and market their online store. Ultimately, we not only want to help you design your website, we want to make sure you have better chances to succeed in your online business venture.

Benefits of having a great E-commerce website

  • A very low cost alternative to having a shop front
  • Accessible to targeted market including Global audience
  • Higher ROI
  • 24 hours online: An Ecommerce website keeps your online shop running 24 hours a day throughout the year. You can sleep but your shop wont!
  • Elimination of the middle person which translates to increased profits
  • Automated Order processing and quicker payment processing by directly integrating your ecommerce solutions to your bank payment gateway
  • Greater Productivity as you can tend to other stuff while your website works automatically
  • Increased customer satisfaction as clients can purchase easily without going out of their homes
  • Its so convenient that anyone can purchase any time of the day without leaving their homes or office
  • Better customer information because solutions allow exchange of information to customers efficiently and cost effectively
  • Increase in web traffic because word of mouth goes around in the world wide web faster than the material sphere
  • A powerful backend to track sales and inventory Submission to over 40,000 search engines

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