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IPO Communications


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To successfully raise new equity from capital markets, companies need to have a compelling equity story; a clear strategy for sustainable growth; a well respected management team and an effective Board of Directors. The character and essence of the company will also be scrutinised and defined.

There is a well established process for achieving a listing status or IPO. Our extensive experience working on such projects means that we understand how to be an effective member of your advisory group and the critical role that communications can play in your success.

Here at GMN Web Solutions, we ensure that your investment case is clear, concise and appealing. We work closely with senior management and professional parties to strategise and develop a communication strategy that will build the reputation of the company and bring confidence in management.

Our scope of work for an IPO programme which covers pre-lodgement to post-listing activities includes:

  • Corporate Positioning
  • Media Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Development of Collaterals (e.g. PowerPoint deck, draft prospectus, investor relations, website, factsheet, etc)
  • Media Training
  • Issues Management