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Market Research & Feasibility


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We are well versed in the roadblocks that can sometimes prevent businesses from entering into the highly competitive F&B and Hospitality industries. At GMN Web Solutions, we rigorously study past and present trends to get critical insights that allow us to forecast the industry trends of the future.

In order to conceive an optimal positioning strategy that maximise operational potential, we require in-depth understand of each project and its competitive marketplace. This usually begin with a concentrated investigation of significant statistics and international benchmarks followed by a comprehensive site and competitive analysis. The end result will be a customized business plan with highly detailed demand analysis and financial forecast based on the unique requirements and potential of each project.

Market Research & Feasibility │Scope and Deliverables

Site Inspection and Kick-off Meeting

  • Site analysis
  • Project team meetings
  • Competitive site visits
  • Local interviews

Market Analysis

  • Local Demographic analysis
  • Local trends and opportunities
  • F&B / Hospitality landscape

Competitive Analysis

  • Identification of direct and indirect competitors
  • Review of rate structure, historical performance, facilities, etc.
  • Conclusions and opportunities

Development Strategy

  • Positioning strategy and target market
  • Service platform
  • Facility description
  • Marketing strategy

Architecture Programme Planning

  • Area programme

Demand Analysis and Financial Forecast

  • Demand forecast
  • Revenue and expense assumptions
  • 5- or 10-year profit and loss statement

Investment Analysis

  • Construction cost forecast
  • Debt and equity assumptions
  • 5- or 10-year IRR