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Menu Design


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The key to any restaurant’s marketing campaign is a well designed menu. A well designed menu will not only express your eatery’s personality, it will also promote profitability, increase the efficiency of your overall operations and keep your brand fresh in your customers’ mind.

What is the goal of a well-crafted restaurant menu?

The primary role of your menu is to represent your brand: It should showcase the personality of your brand and create a lasting impression on your customers long after the waiter or waitress walks off with it. On top of that, it should represent your brand such that it excites your customers such that they want to patronized your restaurant again and recommend your  restaurant to family and friends.

How do we design your menu?

We understand that outstanding results cannot be achieved without sufficient research. In the case of menu design, we collect data from various sources, examine your competitors’ websites, menus and marketing materials to identify how you can differentiate from them. We will also take into consideration of your location and how your menu design relates to the immediate neighbourhood around your restaurant. (Eighty percent of a typical restaurant’s business usually comes from the residents living within a 10-minute drive of that location).

Knowing this, we work towards answering the following questions before we start conceptualizing the design of your menu:

  • What can your menu offer that similar restaurants in the area do not?
  • What menu items do you have in common with other restaurants in the area?
  • How does your pricing match up?
  • Does your menu offer more variety than theirs?

Determining these factors will help guide us towards designing the right menu for your restaurant.

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