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Online Press Release


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Online press releases from GMN Web Solutions get your company the online media coverage and visibility you never thought you’d attain. Imagine, your online press release read by thousands of readers and journalists across the world – now that’s an online public relations tactic sure to deliver results you strive for.

Online PR That Engages Your Customer and Publics

We write online press releases every day and understand the differences between mediocre and great press releases that get picked up and end up going viral. This truth ensures your company will experience mass exposure and favorable awareness. By understanding what makes an online press release stand out from the noise that users and media outlets are inundated with on a regular basis, we create engaging news stories with an angle that positions your company at the forefront of it all. By citing your company as an integral component of a current news issue in a positive light, the media coverage your company will capture has the potential to significantly impact your bottom line.

Further Your Company’s PR Efforts with Online Press Releases

While public perception and branding are fundamental considerations when drafting your online press release, it is in our experience that the best way to ensure a press release is picked up is to distribute an article that others will consider meaningful and beneficial to thousands of readers. That’s why the copywriters at GMN Web Solutions establish an angle for your online press release that is simply indistinguishable from any standard news story. It is written from a journalist’s point of view while positioning your company as an industry leader. This is best practice for an online press release that is truly effective. An online public relations strategy is not only practical, it’s absolutely essential in this day and age. The definition and approach to PR has evolved, and GMN Web Solutions is advancing with the times. One thing that hasn’t changed when it comes to public relations is relationships. Over the years, we have built significant relationships with individuals and online media outlets alike that have enabled our clients the ability to experience the benefits of placement on major news outlet sites.

Online Press Releases that Positively Impact Your SEO Campaign

Our online press releases not only enhance the visibility and awareness of your company, they further ensure the addition of a quality link to your backlink profile. If you understand SEO, you know link building is an integral part to an effective campaign. That’s why each online press release included in your online PR campaign will incorporate a link back to your website with keyword-rich anchor text whenever possible.

Online Press Release Campaigns and Services

We’ve refined our online press release distribution process and know how to ensure your press release reaches its intended objectives. We will begin by conducting extensive research on your industry and the topic of each press release to ensure accuracy. From there, we will distribute to hundreds of online media sites, in addition to updating the news section of your company website. When you employ GMN Web Solutions to manage your online public relations efforts, we draw on our many years of expertise in the Internet marketing industry to further your company’s image and extend its reach. Our wealth of knowledge of the Internet works in your favor to ensure your article is distributed through our myriad of online press release channels and is placed in front of its intended audience. In addition to placement on prestigious news sites, your online press release will be submitted to Google News to enable search engine presence and exposure where it matters most.

Our online press release campaigns include:

    • Ongoing press release copywriting
    • Extensive industry and topic research
    • Management of news updates on your website
    • Press release links to your site with keyword-rich anchor text when possible
    • Submission to Google News
    • Distribution to renowned online media and press release circulation sites
    • Press release media list reporting
    • Social signals and links to online press releaseOnline PR That Engages Your Customer and Publics

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