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Packaging Design


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If your product can’t sell by itself alone, you can guarantee all your marketing efforts will be in vain.

If you are trying to monetize your product, image and presentation is everything. The presentation of the product, or the packaging design, must be able to encourage purchases without any verbal dialogue.

Key features of a great packaging design:

Visually appealing

The product packaging must stand out no matter where it is placed on the shelf. Design must induce your target buyer to reach for the product.


The product packaging must be functional in its selling. Is the product something that the buyer would like to feel? Will the buyer understand how the product works in a snapshot? How can you product the packaging to save on cost yet achieve branding consistency? These questions are all essential and m ust be answered before the packaging design phrase.

Effective Communication

A good packaging design effectively communicates with the target market. For instance, if your target market is women, does your packaging design communicate to women? Does it make a woman want to pick up and buy it?

Close attention to detail

In product packaging design, you have to adhere to certain guidelines; if it’s a product targeting different countries you may need multiple languages that need to be placed on the package, or multiple language instructions. In any case, all of this information must be included in the final design or you may incur additional cost from reprinting. That is why attention to detail is important, it allows you to find the delicate balance between have a design which is visually stimulating yet adheres to all the guidelines and still evokes a response from the buyer.