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Web Hosting


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We offer personalized hosting solutions for different business needs including shared environments, dedicated environments, virtual servers, and co-located offerings. All of our services include hands-on management by qualified technicians and contain enhanced features such as intrusion detection, offsite data storage, and standardization on Dell and Cisco hardware.

At GMN Web Solutions we understand the intricate details of Web hosting and can provide a customized solution for your business needs.

Shared, Dedicated, Virtual, and Co-Located Website Hosting – GMN Web Solutions offers multiple levels of the best website hosting solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients. If you are in need of a simple shared server solution or need full colocation services with access to the datacenter – we can accommodate.

Antivirus and Patch Management – Establishing a strong foundation is just the beginning – you have to maintain the infrastructure as well. Qualified technicians work diligently to provide proactive application management and system administration including, patch/vulnerability management and problem resolution.

Data Backup and Offsite Storage – GMN Web Solutions hosting services perform file backups over a dedicated, secure, internal backup network separate from the external network. Backup tapes that have been rotated to the facility can be recalled to the Datacenter within a few hours depending on the need.

24×7 Monitoring – Although infrastructure is important, effective monitoring by qualified individuals is critical too. The web hosting technicians  we work with are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They employ multiple monitoring software programs to assist them in managing the network and ensuring the availability of your data.

Redundant Conditioned Power – The hosting Datacenter we work with is designed for redundancy and the high availability of power to your critical server systems. This includes redundant stand-by generator power supplies, dual power availability to each rack unit from independent power distribution units (PDUs), and redundant N+1 design of uninterruptible power supplies.

Our website hosting services comprise just one segment of GMN Web Solutions integrated suite of services. The complete suite incorporates all your business needs including web design, application development, and marketing.