Marketing people may question themselves: “Why should I bid on branded keywords when I can rank them organically? Why do I need to pay for something I can normally get for free?”

Although it may be a valid question, but you should still test if users will click on your organic listing when you stop bidding on those branded keywords. Pay-per-click (PPC) branded ads can help boost traffic to the website, increase profitability and enable more control over messaging and timing. It is also important to take note that branded keywords will be most efficient when SEO and PPC work together.

Can Users Differentiate Between Organic & Paid Listings?

Users are increasingly less likely to distinguish between organic and paid listings as there is less space available for organic results with the appearance of more ad options – such as location and phone extensions, sitelink extensions, image extensions, product listings, and so on.

A study by Bunnyfoot which analyses how users differentiate organic and paid listings revealed that 40% of users do not know that the top 3 search results of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) are paid listings. The users assumed that those were the results most relevant to their search query or are sites that most searched for.

With this result, you could see that you are spending top money on searches that are unnecessary. Since your branded keywords may not have any competition, there may be no value with bidding on those keywords.

Paid ads offer a lot more flexibility than organic searches. Google paid ads allow you to utilise useful tools such as location extension, phone extension (click-to-call), editable sitelinks and can even collect user information directly in the ad. You can also control where and when you want to send users for the particular search phrases you are using. Advanced options include ad scheduling and tailor ad copy for your target audience and can be particularly beneficial for any marketing campaign your brand is running. Branded ads are less expensive and will have high quality scores, affecting your overall account’s quality score.

Importance of Mobile

Because of the increasing use of smartphones in our society, mobile is a particularly important aspect. Google’s new enhanced campaigns are also pushing advertisers into this aspect. Google recently released a study revealing that 88% of users who clicked on a mobile ad would not have clicked on the site’s organic listing. This goes to show how important ad space is on mobile devices. Your traffic could potentially increase by more than 80% on mobile devices.

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