Remarketing is a brilliant way to display ads to visitors who previously visited your website but did not take any action, in order to get them to revisit and possibly to convert. With remarketing, businesses can serve these repeat visitors ads depending on which pages of the site they have previously visited.

This tactic is particularly effective to stretch marketing dollars you are already spending on to acquire new visitors. By budgeting a smaller amount on remarketing, you will be able to reduce your overall cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

We highly encourage you to target the following groups of people when servicing remarketing targeting ads to achieve maximum results:

Targeting Visitors who Abandoned a Shopping Cart or Lead Generation Form

These visitors have visited your website and have taken action within your website. They could have already added certain products into their shopping cart (an indication that they are interested in those products and would like to make a purchase) or they are halfway filling up a form (an indication that they are interested in a particular service or event and wants to know more) but somehow did not manage to complete the action.

By showing them advertisements that offer bonus benefits to complete the purchase or the form could be an easy and quick way to convert these customers while building brand recognition with them.

Targeting People who Visit Particular Product Category Pages

You can also choose to follow up with customers who have visited particular product category pages. This shows that these visitors are interested in products from these categories or may have a need to purchase one of these products. Following up with ads that include products or services from the same category can be a great way to get them to revisit your page and make them convert.

Targeting Existing Customers

Based on purchase behaviours of customers from their previous order or seasonal interest of existing customers, up-selling or cross-selling to existing customers can be a great way to leverage on their existing interest in your products and quality to generate more leads. Together with social media marketing campaigns, these efforts can help to turn these repeat customers into full-fledged brand advocates as they constantly share information about your brand to their friends, fans or followers.

Targeting People Who Have Yet to Visit Your Site

With the search remarketing segment, you can serve ads to users who have not previously visited your website but have searched for keywords that are related to the products or services you offer. This is a great tactic to expand exposure of your business to a new audience who are looking for a similar product you are offering, targeting buyers who already have intent to buy such products. This method is effective in generating leads and promoting your brand as it introduces your business to a relevant audience while providing high ROI.

Filter Recent Customers

Excluding recent customers from general targeting advertisements is one technique to achieve high ROI from marketing efforts. Taking some time to do this will help you market your business to a more focused group of potential new customers without engaging in unnecessary spending on recent customers.

In conclusion, remarketing will help you generate new leads and is a good marketing strategy. However, it may be difficult to devise an effect marketing program that incorporates remarketing together with other marketing strategies.

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