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Social Media


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With social media, you have the opportunity to interact with customers while gaining their trust and loyalty. Your business can connect with customers and build relationships on fun and social level which gives you a positive edge over your competitors. Ultimately, it does boils down to who a customer connects with that gets the business.

Social Marketing 101

Not all social media networks are useful for your business, so work on the ones that matter the most. Think about where your customers are most likely to engage. You wouldn’t want to spread yourself too thin and fail to generate any interest. Once you have identified the social networks, you will need to keep your branding image and message consistent across all platforms.

Here is where GMN Web Solutions helps:

Design & Optimize Your Social Media Sites

  • We build and integrate your existing brand elements to social media sites as allowed by each type.
  • We continually enhance and build out each social platform, updating content and photos, and verifying blogs and feeds. These platforms change many times each year, so we will keep you and your site up with the times.


Manage engagements and interactions

We offer several plans, including a DIY (Do It Yourself) plan:

  • Design and Style Updating with DIY Status Updating – Ideal for clients who will do their own or do not want us to make status updates on social networks. We will design each site to match your existing brand image, and we will maintain and customize your social sites; however you will handle actual status updates internally.
  • Full management: Style and design updating plus status updates 1-3 times per week (depending on your business model). We will reach out to your followers and fans, and share our expertly-crafted status updates, links, blogs, videos, pictures, Infographics, news, etc. via this affordable social media service. This is the ideal number of updates for most companies.
  • Full management with advertising: Style and design, status updates plus paid advertising on the social networks(depending if they have such a feature). We will coordinate the paid advertising campaign with your social media sites, ensuring positive ROI.

Develop Your Brand On Facebook

Facebook is a social network that allows users to create profiles containing personal interests, contact information and photos. It also lets users communicate with one another through both private and public message channels, as well as via chat. Creating interest groups and Like pages is another powerful aspect of Facebook. As the most used social networking service in the world, Facebook has made a huge impact on not only how people engage with one another, but also on how businesses that are serious about their online presence conduct their business. A plus for a business in having a Facebook presence is the ability to add graphic design to the Facebook page, which allows for emphasis on the company’s interests and how it focuses on its costumer’s needs. Making the Facebook page attractive, compelling and interesting to the millions of potential customers who pass through Facebook every day is a specialty of GMN Web Solutions.

Why Facebook?

  • 51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after liking a brand on Facebook.
  • 56% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after liking the brand on Facebook.
  • Facebook reaches 2.6 million Singaporeans
  • On average, Singaporeans spend 1.5 hours on Facebook as compared to 15min on newspapers and 30mins on TV


What Our Services Include:

  • A Facebook page customized to your business
  • Optimization of your Facebook page
  • Promote Your Page organically through our Facebook page network of more than 25 million friends of fans
  • Deliver fans to your page through viral marketing on Facebook
  • We work with Facebook directly to place ads and deliver fans to your Facebook page


Benefits of Facebook Page:

  • Build Online Community
  • Instantly Communicate with Fan Base
  • Market New Services & Exclusive Offers
  • Improve Search Ranking
  • Share Latest News & Updates
  • View Key Demographics


Case Study

Live it, Gorgeous! Facebook Page

Live it, Gorgeous! Facebook Page generated over 200,000 Likes with the help of our Facebook Marketing campaign. Facebook Page liveitgorgeous-facebook 10c

Customized Facebook Page Tab for the Facebook Marketing campaign:


Why Twitter marketing works:


  • 50% of people who follow a brand on Twitter are more likely to buy from that brand
  • 60% of people are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after following the brand on Twitter

Our Twitter marketing services help you raise brand awareness, connect with current customers, and attract new ones.
What Our Services Include

  • A custom-designed Twitter header
  • A custom-designed Twitter profile picture
  • Post targeted Tweets
  • Create ads (all types)