A perfect user experience and streamlined interface is important for your website design. It supplies the cognitive structure for visual design elements which will appeal to your visitors. What is the discovery process that your visitors undergo on your website? How do users feel when they navigate through the site and what is the sequence of actions? What are their first and last impression? Will they want to revisit your site? UX design is the answer to all these questions. A good UX design will resonate with users and more importantly, to entice them to revisit.

Estimated Read Time

One factor that affects user experience in the digital world is time. Living in a fast-paced and high technological society, users are constantly moving fast and websites need to keep up with their pace. Studies have revealed that when a user has to read text, they will intuitively scroll down to estimate the length of text. A lengthy article will cause users to scan through the article and leave the page. To negate this user behaviour, websites sometimes provide an estimated read time to users. Text formatting may lead to an illusion of a lengthy article despite it being only 3-minute read. For example, by placing estimated read times at the top of an article, story-telling platform, Medium.com, has increased transparency and boosted UX elements.


Chatbots are here to stay whether you like it or not. In recent years, these artificial intelligence systems have become extraordinarily popular in website development largely due to dramatic advancements in machine learning and technologies like natural language processing. Today, chatbots are smarter, more responsive and are able to provide immediate customer service solutions 24/7 – saving time for both consumers and workers.

Chatbots are software applications that imitate spoken or written human language to simulate a conversation or interaction with a real person. Previously for example, a customer may have to go through multiple steps online and offline to place an order for pizza from Pizza Hut. But now, they are able to use chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Twitter to cut out the lag time. Customers can simply open up a message window, request for current promotions and place their order. Chatbots will give immediate responses and spread the information to all the right channels and departments efficiently. These chatbots strengthen one-on-one relationships, providing better and faster results for the customer.

Linear navigation

Linear navigation have been used in modern website design to improve UX elements. Such elements allow users to undergo one action at a time. Besides streamlining the overall viewing experience, linear elements keep the user focused and reduce noise and distraction.

One prime example is Uber’s new, simplified and streamlined booking system. The user is guided through the entire booking system step by step. The transitions are clear and extremely easy to navigate and use. The simple process makes the user feel at ease and its streamlined interface compels users to keep coming back.


Specific interaction between the visitors and site interface such as liking a post, filling a form and using emojis are known as Micro-interactions. It may seem like these interactions improve user interface, but they actually also function to allow developers to gain direct feedback from users so that they can improve UX elements.

Micro-interaction provides visitors with an opportunity to emotionally react to content. Website developers can easily add a like/dislike or thumbs-up/thumbs-down button to collect feedback for site development. After clicking the buttons, users should be able to see an immediate response, like the total number of likes and dislikes. This response allows the user to interact with the content and acknowledges their reactions. These micro-interactions collates critical data for the developer.

Scroll Animations

One of the most modern UX design trend is scroll animations. The user’s online digital experience is increasing the actual product. Such groundbreaking scroll animations are shifting the perspective of product development.

For example, the Apple Iphone’s website is a power storytelling platform. It provides visitors with an extensive experience which begins at the very core of the product and takes the visitors through an interactive discovery of the Iphone’s features and internal components. It is an excellent and exciting display of Apple’s commitment to quality and innovative products and services.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned UX trends are becoming indispensable in modern web design. They are uncovering a powerful new mode of display, focusing on intuitive navigation and generating emotional user responses. They are pushing the limits of storytelling and unveiling creative inspiring experiences for users.

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